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Pele, the Fire goddess, is a helper. The element of fire is healing, it clears, transmutes and regenerates. Fire is full of life and death! Both are ONE
- Nahi'ena'ena - Hawaiian elder

Wishing Bell
Burning Basket of New Beginnings
Big Island, Hawaii - January 1, 2008

The tenth in a series of burning basket enactments facilitated by Mavis Muller took place at Kalani Honua, a wellness retreat near the fresh lava flow on the Big Island of Hawaii.

It involved the creating of a 4' woven basket sculpture that resembled a hanging bell, which was created by using natural materials consciously gathered from the surrounding rain forest.

All were invited to interact with the Wishing Bell by decorating it, and by tucking inside it written sentiments in theme with new beginning, and manifesting wishes for the upcoming year.

Under the full moon, the community gathered at the site of the newly installed sculpture to celebrate the winter solstice. Nearby, on the ground was another artistic collaboration, lighted candle luminaries outlined a spiral path. Under the full moon, with handmade percussion instruments, a procession of people moved in steady rhythm to the center of the spiral and back out. This interactive procession was composed by Mavis Muller.

On the first day of the new year, many gathered again, for a final entry into the Wishing Bell - Basket of New Beginning, was then respectfully burned releasing in the flames our goals, dreams, and fresh start for the upcoming year.

"We are creating art that draws on imagination, I believe what Einstein said, that 'imagination is more important than knowledge'. Knowledge is limited, imagination is endless."- Mavis Muller

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