Mavis Muller

Art is a means of uniting people, joining them together in the same feeling.
- Leo Tolstoy

The Burning Basket Project
Connecting Alaska and Hawaii.

A current vision for the Burning Basket Project is to bring together people that are separated by distance, so as to recognize and celebrate the connecting elements that span the Pacific Ocean between Alaska and neighboring Hawaii.

Alaska and Hawaii are unique in that they are both separate from the rest of the 48 states. They are neighbors with the Pacific Ocean connecting them. Prevailing currents from Alaska to the Hawaiian islands carry the migrating Pacific humpback whales, connecting air currents carry migrating shorebirds such as the golden plover (also known as kolea) and the island hopping ruddy turnstone. Both places are hot spots on the volcanic "ring of fire", with active, concurrently erupting volcanoes.

A garland of origami paper whales was created by students from the Volcano School of Arts & Sciences, Big Island, Hawaii. The handmade gift was sent to Homer, Alaska to welcome the burning basket project to Hawaii. This garland with their written messages was incorporated in the 2007 burning basket in Homer.

Students from Fireweed Academy, Homer, Alaska reciprocated by constructing similar garlands of paper whales that were incorporated in each of the three burning basket sculptures that were then created in Hawaii. These gifts of origami art were an exchange of greetings, and well wishes for safe migrations.

The Hawaii burning basket enactments were;
1. Wishing Bell - Basket of New Beginning, Big Island,
2. Migration - Basket of Coming & Going, Volcano Elementary School, Big Island, and
3. Fluke - Basket of Safe Passage, Maui.

The Hawaii tour was funded, in part, by a grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation, San Francisco, CA.

"Bringing people together to co-create the upcoming basket sculptures in Hawaii will widen our awareness of the many ways in which we are connected to each other, and the many ways we are connected to the natural world." - Mavis Muller, workshop facilitator

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