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Touch passion when it comes your's rare enough as it is.
Don't walk away when it calls you by name.
- Straczynski

Burning Basket of Remembrance & Unburdening
Autumn Equinox - 2008 - Homer , Alaska

Community members from Homer, Alaska, joined their creative energy once again for the fifth annual burning basket enactment.

The autumn, impermanent art experience was an opportunity to remember departed loved ones, to say goodbye to summer, and send burdens up in smoke.

Mavis Muller facilitated the community interactive art project which included the creating of a large outdoor sculpture of an intricately woven basket, using locally gathered natural material such as; wild grass, nettle, fireweed, alder, birch.

The sculpture was created on the beach of Kachemak Bay of the Kenai Peninsula. It took six days for construction, on day seven it was given as a gift to the community. All were invited to interact with the big basket in the theme of remembering and releasing.

The 15' x 10' basket was named Surpass; to exceed, to go beyond the limit, to outdo, outshine.

Near the basket was another interactive collaboration of a circular walking path embellished with natural materials called Trilogy Labyrinth.

At sunset, torches were lit, the basket was ignited. The heartfelt messages inside and out were released in the sparks and heat of the dancing flames. A community let go.

"Here's to acts of art that are right out in the open where anyone may stumble upon it and happily realize that imagination is worth more than we imagine." - Mavis Muller, facilitator

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