Mavis Muller
Mavis Muller
"With the borrowing of age-old techniques,
I am able to share my vision today, a vision
that recognizes and celebrates the common
thread that weaves, connects, and entwines
the spirit of all life."

Mavis Muller

basket & story weaver,

Through the art forms of contemporary basketry, photography, poetry and storytelling comes the voice of the natural world. Mavis Muller is a story weaver. As she weaves intricate baskets using consciously gathered natural materials, she introduces the grasses, plants, trees, and landscapes as carriers of messages, stories, and earthly blessings.

All we have, it seems to me, is the beauty of art and nature and life,
and the love which that beauty inspires.
- Edward Abbey, The Journey Home

In the spirit of deep ecology, Mavis facilitates a variety of workshops that are, in her words, "designed to help we humans access our bond to the natural world, reawaken our true nature,
and to draw energy and insight through our still-wild roots."pair of cranes at cranehaven studio

Mavis is a migratory artist. Each autumn she leaves her studio-home in Alaska, and travels south to communities outside of Alaska. For 20 years she has followed her "land partners," the migratory Sandhill cranes, down the pacific and central flyways, returning again in spring. 

Along the way, she is advocating for these birds and their threatened & vanishing habitat, as well as inspiring others with basketry exhibitions, speaking, performing, and teaching. She also facilitates projects of outdoor, community interactive, impermanent art.

When she is not creating in her Cranehaven Studio overlooking Kachemak Bay, Kenai Mountains and glaciers, Mavis is touring, gathering materials & inspiration. Yet, always and everyplace, with her art she is actively advocating preservation of natural habitat, cultivating Earth wisdom, and building community.

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, you soon find
that it's hitched to everything else in the universe.
- John Muir

In 2004 Mavis began the Burning Basket Project as an experience of interactive, impermanent art. Gathered from her background in creating baskets and woven with the desire to engage the public in a unique, living art form, Mavis has facilitated burning baskets in many communities. The large, intricate basket is given as a gft to the people, infused with decoration and spirit by willing participants, and finally burned, dramatically and upwardly releasing positive messages and heartfelt sentiments.

burning basket reflect
"Like a spirited earth warrior, she is armed with vision, passion, and creativity. Her art speaks for all of creation."
- Kudos, Sedona, Arizona

"Each basket reveals her love for both the materials she uses and the environment from which they came. They are innovative and imaginative, with the timeless quality if the petroglyphs.  The poetry and stories that accompany the basket offer the viewer an intimate glimpse of its intriguing aspects, inviting you not just to see, but to enter into its spirit." - Homer News, Homer, Alaska

crane art basket
"Each basket sings a song and tells a story that is both lovely and haunting....but always healing as they contain the metaphor of our connection to the natural world." "To say she is a master of her craft is an understatement."
- San Diego Arts Calendar Magazine

"I am eager to share with others the ideas that inspire me, bring meaning to my life, and connect me to the natural world and the wild place within me.  May these notions help to dissolve the boundary between human and the non-human world." - Mavis Muller

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