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Art is an adventure that never seems to end. - Jason - 5th grade

Burning Basket of Coming & Going
January - 2008 - Big Island, Hawaii - Volcano Village, Elementary School of Arts & Sciences

Seventeen 5th graders collaborated with Mavis Muller in the creating of a hanging woven basket by weaving natural materials that were gathered from the local environment.

The woven basket was decorated with origami paper whales with written messages that were sent as a gift from Fireweed Academy, Elementary Charter School in Homer, Alaska. This was part of an exchange of art between the two schools celebrating the migration, and the Pacific Ocean connecting us as neighboring states.

Each student wrote down sentiments for a safe journey for the species that migrate between Alaska and Hawaii, such as the Pacific humpback whales, and migrating shorebirds, and then placed these writings into the basket. The basket was then burned, releasing the good wishes in the smoke and flames.

"I like doing art because I can impress myself." - Amanda - 5th grade

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