Mavis Muller

Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in the sky where the light of our departedloved ones shines down on us to let us know they are happy,
and wish the same for us. - Inuit legend 

Burning Basket of Remembrance & Unburdening
Autumn Equinox - 2007 - Homer, Alaska

The transition of seasons, summer to autumn, found energetic people gathering on the beach in Homer, Alaska to create the fourth annual burning basket sculpture. The large intricately woven basket was made of natural materials gathered from the surrounding landscape: wild grass, nettles, fireweed, alder, birch.

The five sided, 10' basket was built around a center pole representing 'where life begins'. At the top of the center pole was a 4' woven star. The five pointed star involved 10 separately woven star points, each created by a different individual.  

Appearing on the crowing star was the sculptures title, Impart, (to give, to share; to tell, to reveal).

The basket took six days to create, on day seven it was given as a gift to the community. All were invited to interact with the basket in the theme of remembering and releasing.

Another onsite collaboration of a tri-form circular walking path called Trilogy Labyrinth was also created for community interaction.

Under the almost full equinox moon, torches were lit, the basket was ignited. The gathered community watched the flames and sparks impart our thoughtful messages up into the starlit sky.

"When we are wanting real change we call upon fire; the flambe ballet, the present moment minuet, the dance of what is ending, and what is beginning." - Mavis Muller, workshop facilitator 

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