Mavis Muller

Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono
- The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.
- Hawaiian Chief, Kamehameha III  

Burning Basket of Safe Passage
February 2008 - Maui, Hawaii

Fluke; an unexpected stroke of good luck.

Using a large variety of natural materials gathered at a green waste facility on the island of Maui, Hawaii, Mavis Muller created a large 6' woven sculpture in the shape of a whale fluke.

The woven whale tail, Basket of Safe Passage, was wheeled into the parade celebrating the Whale Day Festival organized by the Pacific Whale Foundation, and was the prize winner for 'most creative entry'.

The basket sculpture was wheeled around the festival where people were invited to interact with it by decorating it, inside and out, with written sentiments for safe passage for the creatures that migrate between Hawaii and Alaska, such as the humpback whale and golden plover.

Note: The sentiments were written on the backs of photos of whale flukes. The photos document the unique markings on the tails that identify the individual whales that are part of a study in the Prince William Sound of Alaska, and are the very whales that migrate to Hawaii.

The woven fluke was then transported and installed on the Ke'anae Peninsula, Maui, as part of The Source, a two day interactive art festival. It was installed on the cliffs overlooking the ocean that was alive with breeching, spouting whales. It was again available as a gift for people to interact with in the theme of safe passage for migratory beings, and for personal life passage intentions.

On the ground nearby was a walking path that formed a winding spiral, which was lit up at night with candle luminaries.

As the finale of the event, under the full moon, Fluke - Basket of Safe Passage was respectfully ignited, releasing the heartfelt inclusions in sparks that floated out to the Pacific Ocean, and beyond.

"This kind of art drags the soul from its everyday shell, and brings it under a spell of its own mystery, creating an experience that stays with us, refines and defines us, sustains us.."
- Mavis Muller, workshop facilitator 

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