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Imagination is the spark that ignites the fire of creativity. - Richard L. Peterson

Burning Basket of Gratitude & Manifestation
Autumn -  2006  -  Ashland, Oregon

A group of enthusiastic people in Ashland, Oregon, met with armloads of tree branches, vines, cattail & wild grass. The natural materials were gathered to build a large 6'X4' sculpture of an intricately woven basket. 

The organic basket sculpture was created in loving memory of the dearly departed in theme with Dia de los Muertos, November 2, Day of the Dead, All Souls Day. Names of the remembered were written on autumn leaves, then attached to the outside of the basket. 

With its outer layers of inscribed leaves, and its inner collection of written personal sentiments, the big basket was carried as the lead piece in a procession to the community cemetery where the leaves and messages were burned in a small fire pot in the theme of remembering and releasing. 

More materials were gathered, and with additional sculptural weaving the original basket was transformed into a large scale cornucopia basket. The revised sculpture continued its interactive mission. Soon the outside was covered with leaves inscribed with sentiments of gratitude, and tucked inside were wishes for manifestation. 

At sundown, the community gathered, cattail torches were lit, Cornucopia - Basket of Gratitude & Manifestation became a brilliant performance of sparks and flames. The basket was burned.

"Time is precious. Let's stand before the fire and let the flames warm us with gratitude
and passion for life's offerings in each passing moment." - Mavis Muller, workshop facilitator

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