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The natural world is but a canvas to the imagination. - Henry David Thoreau

Burning Basket of Harmony and
Summer Solstice - 2007 - Homer & Seldovia, Alaska

The dry, sun-bleached wild grass still standing in the fields after winters end was a fitting material to be used in a large basket sculpture honoring summer solstice.

The bundles of grass and sticks, were transported over the waters of Kachemak Bay from Homer, Alaska aboard the MV Tustamena, Alaska State Ferry, to the neighboring community of Seldovia where it was all intricately woven together during their annual Solstice Music Festival.

Those attending the festival were invited to help create and embellish the 4’ x 7’ organic basket sculpture which was titled, Afterglow - Basket of Harmony & Hope.

Due to extreme fire danger, the sculpture did not perform a 'solstice midnight sun burn' as planned, instead it continued to gather sentiments of 'harmony and hope' throughout the following days leading up to the July Fourth Parade where the basket on wheels was merged into the parade, and won the second prize red ribbon.

On the auspicious day of 07/07/07, after a good rain, the burn ban was lifted and the sculpture was transported to the beach, where it met its conclusion.
In the final hour of the day, in celebration of Alaska's midnight sun, Afterglow – Basket of Harmony and Hope, with its many positive, heartfelt messages inside and out, was reverently releases in flames and smoke. The basket was burned.

"And when the big beautiful basket is gone, we bask in the afterglow of the experience,
we don't regret, instead we begin setting out to do it again." - Mavis Muller, workshop facilitator

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